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January 26th, 2006

12:10 pm - Finding my reflection...
So I've had two *nightmares* over the past two days, which I think are related. I'll tell you what I can remember:

First dream:
I'm in a building with a few people and we're trying to find someone. I end up going down this hallway which is made of mostly concrete and I find this hidden passage doorway thing and I knock on it. And I yell to my friends, "Hey, wait guys, look here." And then the concrete opens up to reveal a dark long hole. I whisper into the darkness, "I know your in there, RED EYES."

Second dream:
I'm in some building again. This time it looks more like a business of some sort. It's dusk or dawn, the sun was setting, or rising. It's hard to tell. But I walk out and there's a guy dressed in darker clothing standing to my right as I come out of the door. And he grabs my arm. And I look out into the courtyard and I see a fountain and a bunch of people (also dressed in dark clothing) standing throughout the courtyard in different parts at least 2 feet away from eachother just staring in my direction. They look frozen. I feel like I've seen them all before. He leads me to the fountain and has me step on the ledge of it. I look into it. (Honestly expecting not to see a reflection). But, I have one...but it keeps changing. It looks mosterous...scary, even. But, it doesn't frigten me. I look at the man holding my arm. He has green eyes. The greeniest eyes I've ever seen. He looks into mine and tells me to feel my teeth with my tongue. So, I do and they are shaper then usual...He lets go...the dream fades away...

Suddenly, I'm in a house trying to protect this family from two of the people I had seen outside in the courtyard. I know they are going to kill the family. I try to save them. I know its not helping. I call the police, even the police are being stupid. They don't get it. I yell, "these people they are going to die". But its like no one can hear me.

Then my alarm goes off.

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January 21st, 2006

01:58 pm - I go walking in my, i go talking in my...
So I guess my roommate caught me talking in my sleep the other night. She said it's weird cause most of the time you can't understand people that talk in their sleep but i was very very clear. And i remember that it kind of woke me up; i REMEMBER talking in my sleep (something that usually doesn't happen). When i asked her about it, she said that i said something like, "he's very cute." But i have a weird, nagging suspicion that i was talking about my floor and her and my RA... hopefully not. That would be horrible.

And the other night when i was sleeping, i kind of got to a different level of consciousness for a bit and it felt like someone was sitting on my bed. I don't know what that's all about. Maybe that was a dream too.

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10:55 am - Singers, Cars, and Police
Ok this is a long, strange, drunken dream yet surprisingly complex and detailed. I'll see if i can relate that on paper.

It all started at home. My mom and i were having a big fight about something. i don't know what it was but it was full out yelling. That's when i looked out our back window and saw a huge air plane riding extremely low to the ground. So i was trying to tell my mom and have her look out the window but she wasn't listening to me cause we were just fighting so badly. In the mean time the plane lands in our neighbors yard! I finally got her to look and she was totally ok with the whole thing. Then she say's, "oh he's here." She starts heading outside and naturally i follow her confused as to how she knows what's going on. She then says that a singer is having a concert in Chicago and that we agreed to let him stay here for a few days instead of another hotel. I asked who and then it happened; he walked out of the plane. It was Ryan Adams.

So he's in our house using the bathroom (washing his face to be exact) and i bring a towel in the bathroom for him. In the mean time my sister and my mom were talking about how she made a really good amount on her last pay check and trying to convince me to start working at The Chalk Board (where she currently works). As i brought the towel in to the bathroom, Ryan whispers to me, "do you make a good amount at your job?" So then i have to tell him no (lol) and explain that i work at the roller rink and don't make much money from that. He hands me a wad of cash that i said i couldn't take from him and said it was for my help to him, around the house.

So then i get a call from julie and she said that we are going to some car show/parade or something. So i pick her up and when we get to the place and there are a ton of really nice, pimped our cars in the parking lot. Julie's mom was there tho. She followed us in her car and she yells to julie that she told her she couldn't go and demands her to come home with her. So after some fighting (there's a lot of that in this dream) julie finally gives in and agrees to go home with her mom. So i go inside alone and look around. There was a parade going on, inside with wrestlers and skaters from the movie Roll Bounce and some other strange circus-y things. So i was suddenly with a group of people at a table off to the side. Well there was this scary wrestler in a mask that was coming by so i grabbed this guys hand and told him to protect me. I guess he was my boyfriend cause he said that he wouldn't let anything happen to me and it was just a fake character. But i was still scared. The guy looked like this one guy i know from another rink (danny). So then, in the parade, some stars from Roll Bounce come skating by and doing tricks and i try to tell people that JT skates at the rink i work with but no one was listening. This is where the dream gets choppy.

That cuts away to me walking around this big room with all these car buffs at booths. At that point (i don't know why) i decided to count the amount of money that ryan adams gave me. Well a security guard sees me pull out a messy wad of money and assumes that i was just involved with illegal street racing. So he yells at me and i start running of course. I run outside and down the building and manage to escape him. but when i get to my car i see that it has been rammed from the back and the windshield has a whole and cracks in it. So does one of the side windows. But i can't stop to look and be upset cause i was being chased by cops. So i just get into my car and try to drive away fast. The car was not working well at all. It was hard to get it into a gear and it was really slow but i managed to get away!

Then the dream cuts back to the parade. Only this time i am sitting with Alan on the floor, next to a woman and her cute little son. They were about to leave and so there were packing up the salads they had with them to take home. Apparently her son didn't like black olives so she was picking them out and giving them to us. I ate all mine and then alan ate the rest and i wanted them so i was thinking about how that would be the perfect excuse to kiss him. How hot would that be. i want that olive...and then cheese-ily kiss! lol. As i was thinking about this, I got a text message (in real life) that woke me up. The weird thing...it was from Alan.

The End
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January 19th, 2006

09:58 pm
Ever since i've been at ISU i've been having really strange dreems. Here are a few that i can explain.

1. My cousin Mark was leaving his wife Jennie cause she didn't want to move or have kids, something he desperately wants to do. So i was trying to tell him not to do that and convince him that it was the wrong way to solve the problems.

2. Bailey was pregnant and i was freaking out about it but she was totally okay with it. I didn't know why she wasn't more upset but she was actually happy it seemed. And her parents didn't care. Dreams are sooooo not real sometimes.

3. Something about a confusing building and trying to save someone or something...it was weird, that's all i can remember.
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December 23rd, 2005

10:42 pm - Demons and cops
1. I had a dream with Hermione, Harry, Ron and I in it. We were being hunted and chased by this red demon. We were trying to find spells and tricks to ward him off cause he was evil and scary. He looked like Will Ferrell’s demon on that one skit with Garth Brooks; but mean. Well we make it to this dark room with wooden floors and no ceiling. The demon appears in the room and says that he’s being chased by an evil spirit and he’s been trying to catch up with us so we could help him. He turned out to be a nice demon. So we say we’ll help and we start writing a pentagram on the wooden floor with real stars that we were taking from the sky above us with our wands. Just the pentagram on the floor is glowing because the rest of the room is midnight blue and it was so pretty. Then the demon looks at me and says, you are very pretty. And I say, “thanks,, but no I’m not,” and move closer to Harry so we were right next to each other. Harry put his arm around my shoulders (were Harry and I dating?). And then Hermione goes up to the demon and asks if he wants to dance. So they dance and fall in love (hey, it’s dream land). And once again Ron was sad.

2. I had a dream that me and Julie were driving downtown to meet Dan because we were going out to lunch. Well we were driving along and Julie gets pulled over. We didn’t know why cause she wasn’t speeding or anything. So, a lady cop and her guy partner come walking up to the car, on the passenger side and ask for both of our IDs. So we give them to her and she says, “Well this is a 55mph zone. How fast do you think you were going?” And Julie says, “60. Maybe 65.” And the cop says, “Nope, you were going 95.” And me and Julie look at each other cause there is NO way she was going that fast and I open my mouth to say that that just wasn’t possible. But then the cop looks over to her partner and laughs and says, “I’m just kidding. You weren’t speeding. I just had to pull over someone as an example.” The woman cop just keeps rambling on as she hands back our IDs. “People need to see that I will pull them over for speeding so once in a while…” Well Julie got so pissed off that she was being toyed with, she puts her car into drive and takes off going 95mph. And of course I’m like OMG! And she speeds up and down these highway streets so the cops can’t catch up with her. And I say, “They probably have your license plate number.” And Julie say, “ I don’t care. That was bullshit. I dare them to come and find me.” And then she calls Dan to tell him why we are going to be late meeting up with him. He said, “You know that you don’t have a get out of jail free card right?” And she says, “Psh, we won’t get in trouble, we lost them.” And then I woke up literally laughing. ‘Get out of jail free’ card?!?! LOL, what?
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December 15th, 2005

11:28 pm - DREAMS!
I had a dream the other night that I don’t remember. All I know is that I wrote it down before going back to sleep. Here’s what I wrote: Me, Julie, and Bay on a road trip to Canada. Volleyball game, hike, new house. LOL, what?!


I had a dream last night that Frank called me and I couldn’t talk. I tried to but I kept losing my voice and coughing and stuff. And then I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Symbolic? I think so.
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December 2nd, 2005

11:08 am - Ryan's Aquarium
First off, this dream was crazy pointless.

Okay, so I'm sitting in the COD cafeteria next to Dan's suitemate, Ian. We're sitting across from Dan's roommate, Ryan. We're all talking to eachother. I remember being really tired cause I had gotten up early to go to Anatomy open lab. So I put my head on Ian's lap (sorry, Dan...lol)...but oddly enough the table was short enough that I could still see Ryan. He was giving me a strange (I hope you don't get caught look.) So, I just laid there half falling asleep and suddenly...the dream switched locations and Ian and I were on Ryan's couch at his house. Ryan was doing some sort of "one-man show acting skit" for us to watch. He concluded that and asked me to come upstairs with him. So I followed him. He stopped on the big nice loopy stairs...(big house...damn) and got behind me and lifted me up the stairs in the position like he was trying to give me the heimlich manuever. Then he made some comment about how heavy I was. By the time we got upstairs he said that I should lose a few pounds. He huffed and puffed and closed the bathroom door. I walked over to the bay window that was at the end of the hallway. I sat down in it, and looked outside. It was a really pretty backyard and that's when I noticed a huge aquarium with dolphins and other sea animals. It was crazy big. They were swimming around. And then Ian comes up the stairs and says, "That's so Ryan and his family can swim with the dolphins whenever they want"...

Then I woke up.
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December 1st, 2005

12:06 pm - It's Electric
So, I had this crazy dream that Harry Potter, The Weasly's and I were all in this ocean trying to combat electric eels. And let me tell you they weren't very nice. So here it goes!

I was standing on the dock. And I heard a bunch of "kids" yelling. So I swam out in this really, really dirty water. And I got out there and Ron was like, "No, go back, eels everywhere!" So, i wasn't about to just run away. So I stayed and helped. And they were jumping from every direction. But they were jumping in 3 minute intervals. So I'm like, "Okay guys we need a strategy. We can't keep losing lives. But before I could finish, my hand was in the water and one of the eels had attached it's teeth to it. And I say to Harry as I'm fighting it off, "Are you sure these damn things are Eels?" I fought it off, but my hand was pretty bitten up. So, we were all wading on the "trays from yorktown's food court" but they were huge...large enough for us to sit on and they had these little holes in the side. So we had a couple extra ones floating around (people who had lost their lives fighting the eels), so I pushed those out of the way. And I yelled to Harry to grab some white string. He gave it to me quickly and I started to tie the "food trays" together stringing the string thru the holes on the side. I hopped up on my tray just then a eel came out of the water and Ron grabbed my free hand and said, "I'm scared". I told him we were going to be okay. I tied the string on my tray securely....

And then I woke up. I'll never know if we were okay.
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October 17th, 2005

02:26 pm - Bring it on!
So I was in (my) college's cafeteria and I was grabbing a bite to eat and I had just put my backpack down when I squinted my eyes to see Dan at one of the bench tables in the back talking to some girl (who's back was to me)She had mangy dirty blonde hair with a unique short haircut. So I put my books down and walk back there because A) He didn't go to my school and B) He was sitting with a girl that wasn't me.

Immediately he gets wide eyed and stand straight up before I even get there and the girl stands up too. They say nothing to me. Dan says goodbye to this girl.. And I'm like "uh uh, no way". Dan and this girl's table was semi wedged between a wall. So I pushed the girl into the wall and kept pushing her and said, "Stay the "bleep" away from Dan you "bleep". And so...Dan steps in and he's all whiny and hes like, "No! stop it, STOP IT!!" Just then I turn around and I see Marty H. behind me...and when I turn back around I see Dan kiss this girl. My mouth drops open and I say, "Holy crap".

And that's when...

Marty grabs me from behind and pulls me away from them...

When I woke up I jumped out of bed in a fighting stance...

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October 8th, 2005

01:44 am - Eureka
I think all my high school dreams are pointing to one thing...why didn't i see that before. Oh silly Sarah!

Augh, well nothing new then
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