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March 21st, 2006

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05:13 pm - two for ya
1. Bailey and i were sight seeing in chicago and we wanted to take the elevator up to the sears tower. So we had to pay but the credit card machine was too high up for me. So a really tall worker lady came out and helped me. Then we get on the elevator. It went all the way to the top and had glass on three sides to look out. Well the elevator started freaking out and jerking up and down really quickly. Because of this people would fly up to the ceiling when it fell really fast and get thrown back to the floor when it stopped. It happened to me. And when i got back on my feet after falling, a lady that was stuck on the ceiling puked and i felt it run down my back and the back of my legs. It was really gross.

2. This one was kinda weird. I was at some party, with another guy that i think i was dating. He wasn't treating me well and just being an ass so i remember totally regretting not being with Sam and then i starting looking for him all over the party. I ended up in the basement and i had to pay for a cup (house cup!) to get in a room. The room was a huge elegant victorian movie theater. I done in all red velvet. Sam was sitting in a seat, half way down the row with his roommate next to him, smoking a cigarette. Then i sat on the arm of the Sam's seat, put my arm around him, and took his cigarette (which was really long i remember) and he said "You don't smoke. You don't know how to" so I started smoking it to prove him wrong and his roommate said, "it's looks like she knows how to me."
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