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Teeth - Your Eternal Dreams

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March 4th, 2006

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06:05 pm - Teeth
I had this terrible dream last night that manifested my biggest fear. I was at my aunts house in wisconsin and i looked into her mirror smiling and noticed that my one tooth was loose. So i started wiggling it around gently with my tongue (like when we were little with baby teeth) and it came out! I was like wtf? And then as i was telling my mom about it, more teeth were breaking or just falling out, no matter how careful i was being with them. I was sooo freaked out about it and sad and scared. I went downstairs to tell my dad and i said, "this can't be happening. This has to be a dream." And by the end of the dream all of my teeth fell out and i was holding them in my hand. It was such a real dream physically and emotionally.

My roommate had some predictions about what this means but i wanted to get all of your opinions too. Thanks!
Current Mood: freaked out
Current Music: Sway by the lostprophets

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Date:March 7th, 2006 06:16 pm (UTC)


Losing your teeth has a meaning. I need to look it up, cause I forget exactly what it is. But don't worry it has nothing to do with actually losing your teeth. I'll get back to you about it. I promise!

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