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February 18th, 2006

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10:40 pm - Dream in a dream
So here's a weird one. I had a dream inside of another dream.

I dreamt I was out somewhere with Julie, though I don't know where. We were getting into our car (which was a nice black BMW or Mercedes or something) and I was on the driver's side. We were in some parking lot and it was the middle of the day. As I was getting ready to turn the car on, someone came up to the driver's side window with a gun. He shot several times through the window and hit me in the neck. Julie got out of the car and ran off. The gunman apparently disappeared, and all I ever saw of him was his arm. He was white (I could see his hand) and wearing a black coat and a blue shirt. Anyway, the gun shot to the neck was disturbingly real feeling. It didn't hurt as much as I imagine it would, but I could feel the heat and the wetness of my own blood. Quite frightening. And then I woke up...into the other dream. And in this dream I was in my bed in my dorm, but apparently one of my classes was there and it was the middle of class. I also seem to remember that the dream was supposed to be part of the class, but I don't know how it related. And then I *really* woke up. I hope...

So, any thoughts? I just hope it's not a premonition...

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