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I decided to take a two hour nap here at college and surprisingly… - Your Eternal Dreams

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February 2nd, 2006

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01:20 pm
I decided to take a two hour nap here at college and surprisingly enough, I wound up having this bizarre dream!


I had a dream that I was riding my bicycle one clear happy day, when suddenly a car emerged out of nowhere and caused me to crash and land on top of the hood. There I lay, clutching my leg in terrible agony as an ambulance arrived and I blacked out. When I awoke, I was in a daycare facility of hospital, lying on a bed. They had stabbed a needle and other devices into my leg where the car had hit me. Next to me there was tall container of glitter-like liquid which was called "Lymphoid" or something like that. The small children of the daycare facility came to watch me awake and questioned whether I was feeling alright or whether the giant needle stuck inside me hurt or not. I soon noticed that I was wearing a patient's garb and was missing all of my casual clothes. I knew my strength was just fine, I didn't need any care from a hospital, so I got up, the needle pricking the inside of me in discomfort since I was flexing it. I went walking around the daycare facility looking for the doctor who had treated me. The little children were playing with each other in small toy constructs and using building blocks, etc. I found my good buddies from COD hanging out near a corner watching a young girl and boy trying to build something together. As I approached, dragging my Lymphoid container next to me, Jenny gave me a silencing look and told me not to interrupt them. But me being me, went closer to the children anyway and continued my search, the kids stopped their playing to watch me, Jenny was upset and sighed flailing her arms and hands in defeat, Crystal merely laughed because she knew I wasn't going to listen. I eventually found the doctor, he was betting on some racehorses. The weird part was, the racehorses were on a carousel / merry-go-round, and they weren't going to progress or pass each other up. Yet still he was there yelling and betting away like a madman. As I approached him to ask him something, he turned, ignoring me and said, "Why is there lymphoid all over the floor? Has someone been leaking all over the floor?" I realized that with all my walking, I must have allowed some of the liquid to leak from my leg to the floor which i trod. He soon took notice of me and had me placed me back on a patient bed. After some time of watching t.v., talking and watching my pals, conversing with the children, and watching the doctor do his job and learn his techniques, he eventually sat next to me and watched a program with me. I soon noticed that the needle and the parts attached to it had fallen off my leg. I mentioned this to the doctor and he said, "Oh! That must mean that you're all set then. Don't worry, that's quite normal!" He led me outside the hospital and told me which way to walk to get back home. Strangely enough, I awoke remembering how kind and pleasant he was to me, despite my stubbornness.


I have now found a new group to sit with during lunch. It is a group of indian girls who have the most fascinating stalker/gross food/ sex stories I have ever heard! They are so funny! I'll share the stories I've heard from them with anyone who I happen to see wandering my way if you wish to chat!
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Date:February 6th, 2006 04:31 pm (UTC)


That's an interesting dream. You invented a new medication! lol. Anyways, "lymph" is whats in your body to fight off disease. So, with that said. My assumption is that your dream is trying to tell you that theres something you need to fight off in your waking life. I don't know you well enough to tell you what that is, but I'm sure you can read into the symbols of this dream and figure out exactly what that is. Other then that, this could be a dream about a "caretaker" figure that is simply trying to take care of you. That you needed someone to lean on even though lately you have been pushing people away. And this dream was letting you know that at least one person is going to be there for you despite your inner struggle or "stubborness".

Hope that helped.
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Date:February 6th, 2006 05:53 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I am an active person, and even though I'm supposed to relax at particular times in my life, I am always thinking about things to the n-th degree and need to listen to the words of others and cool my mind/spirit. Kinda like your words, they help, thankie!

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