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January 30th, 2006

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04:59 pm - Always on the run!
I had quite a few dreams, but from the ones I remember... I made sure to write down immediately.

I: I had a dream that I was back at COD taking classes and wandering the hallways. Seemed like the setting was more arid and dry, like a plain in Texas with some rocky hills etc... Anywho, jack_sparrow712 wanted me to give her a ride elsewhere in my truck so I agreed. Jenny also wished to come along as well and seemed very low-key and uninterested. In truth, I soon discovered that jack_sparrow712 was trying to avoid her particular weird friends who were always hovering around her. She just wanted to escape from her peers and go elsewhere. As we walked to my truck, almost horizontally you could see her weird pals matching our speed and trying to get her attention.

II: I also dreamt that I had (Apparently) a ton of cash in my wallet, and everyone wanted the cash! Again the arid, dry setting. So in this dream, I was always on the run - from my really good companions. (Although I could not even recognize some of them!) When I took a small breather at a pawn shop to sell more things and acquire more cash. They were all around me, I was surrounded and had no where to escape. They all aimed guns and snickered with their cynical attitudes. Fortunately in my possession I had a small black mitten which in disguise was really a small revolver pistol (Don't ask me how this is!) Just as I was about to use this mitten against my cackling comrades, pointing my finger and thumb out in a gun-shaped-fashion, I awoke!
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Date:January 31st, 2006 05:13 pm (UTC)

*looks in to crystal ball*

Dream I: Maybe just maybe your looking back at COD in a "different light" (seeing it from a different perspective). And taking Jack Sparrow away in your truck was your way of getting back to your new life away from COD. And possibly, since when you left COD most of your friends were still there going back to get Jack Sparrow was your way of bringing them along with you to this new stage in your life.

Dream II: Possibly, your afraid that people are judging you because your succeding in life.

Anyways, thats the pattern I was seeing...hope I helped.

Much Love,
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Date:January 31st, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
Actually it did. I saw the first dream as a connective chain toward COD, and how I still keep in touch with everyone there in some kind of way. The part about jack sparrow however I believe was my subconcsious saying that she is far more mature and wiser than her peers and wants to step into a stronger more advanced life of companions. The second one was a tad confusing which is why I like your interpretation.

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