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May 28th, 2006

09:54 pm - What?
I've been having all sorts of strange dreams lately. Last night I had a dream that I was in the city in the hospital (I think I was a nurse). I was looking at all the patients in the rooms, but I couldn't help them. And it was crazy because there was some satanic thing going on in the hospital. So some woman (she was hott) told me to leave. So I called Dan and left. When I got back to my house he was waiting for me. And there were three blue cars parked in my driveway (one of them was mine). It was kind of hazy dark out. Scary like. I went inside (this part is foggy)

Then when Dan and I came back outside I noticed I had left my headlights on. I panicked and jumped in my car. I tried to start it. It started right away. I turned the headlights off.

I woke up.
Current Mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated

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March 21st, 2006

05:13 pm - two for ya
1. Bailey and i were sight seeing in chicago and we wanted to take the elevator up to the sears tower. So we had to pay but the credit card machine was too high up for me. So a really tall worker lady came out and helped me. Then we get on the elevator. It went all the way to the top and had glass on three sides to look out. Well the elevator started freaking out and jerking up and down really quickly. Because of this people would fly up to the ceiling when it fell really fast and get thrown back to the floor when it stopped. It happened to me. And when i got back on my feet after falling, a lady that was stuck on the ceiling puked and i felt it run down my back and the back of my legs. It was really gross.

2. This one was kinda weird. I was at some party, with another guy that i think i was dating. He wasn't treating me well and just being an ass so i remember totally regretting not being with Sam and then i starting looking for him all over the party. I ended up in the basement and i had to pay for a cup (house cup!) to get in a room. The room was a huge elegant victorian movie theater. I done in all red velvet. Sam was sitting in a seat, half way down the row with his roommate next to him, smoking a cigarette. Then i sat on the arm of the Sam's seat, put my arm around him, and took his cigarette (which was really long i remember) and he said "You don't smoke. You don't know how to" so I started smoking it to prove him wrong and his roommate said, "it's looks like she knows how to me."
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Current Music: Unwritten ~ Natasha Bedingfield

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March 6th, 2006

04:05 pm - Ew
Not too many details in this dream, but I had a dream last night where I was watching some movie, but it was the most ridiculously violent movie I've ever seen. I'm not even going to get into the details, because it was just sick. Anyway...not sure why I posted this, not really enough information to go on, but I just remembered it and though I'd throw it out there.

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March 4th, 2006

06:05 pm - Teeth
I had this terrible dream last night that manifested my biggest fear. I was at my aunts house in wisconsin and i looked into her mirror smiling and noticed that my one tooth was loose. So i started wiggling it around gently with my tongue (like when we were little with baby teeth) and it came out! I was like wtf? And then as i was telling my mom about it, more teeth were breaking or just falling out, no matter how careful i was being with them. I was sooo freaked out about it and sad and scared. I went downstairs to tell my dad and i said, "this can't be happening. This has to be a dream." And by the end of the dream all of my teeth fell out and i was holding them in my hand. It was such a real dream physically and emotionally.

My roommate had some predictions about what this means but i wanted to get all of your opinions too. Thanks!
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Current Music: Sway by the lostprophets

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March 3rd, 2006

11:47 am - Cheating
So i keep having dreams, every night, that i cheat on my boyfriend. Yesterday i was kissing Ryan Seacrest. WFT! A little help, some insight, any advice?
Current Music: Nothing Better by the Postal Service

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February 18th, 2006

10:40 pm - Dream in a dream
So here's a weird one. I had a dream inside of another dream.

I dreamt I was out somewhere with Julie, though I don't know where. We were getting into our car (which was a nice black BMW or Mercedes or something) and I was on the driver's side. We were in some parking lot and it was the middle of the day. As I was getting ready to turn the car on, someone came up to the driver's side window with a gun. He shot several times through the window and hit me in the neck. Julie got out of the car and ran off. The gunman apparently disappeared, and all I ever saw of him was his arm. He was white (I could see his hand) and wearing a black coat and a blue shirt. Anyway, the gun shot to the neck was disturbingly real feeling. It didn't hurt as much as I imagine it would, but I could feel the heat and the wetness of my own blood. Quite frightening. And then I woke up...into the other dream. And in this dream I was in my bed in my dorm, but apparently one of my classes was there and it was the middle of class. I also seem to remember that the dream was supposed to be part of the class, but I don't know how it related. And then I *really* woke up. I hope...

So, any thoughts? I just hope it's not a premonition...

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February 3rd, 2006

05:28 am
I had a dream that I text messaged my good friend David using my cell phone.

I NEVER use the text message option on my cell phone, ever!

So I wound up waking up at 5:00am - and wrote him, "I so own you! Bwa ha ha!"

Could this be the spark of a new communication between him and I? We never talk to each other while in college.
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Current Music: Dreams by the Cranberries

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February 2nd, 2006

01:20 pm
I decided to take a two hour nap here at college and surprisingly enough, I wound up having this bizarre dream!

My Dream during two hours...Collapse )

I have now found a new group to sit with during lunch. It is a group of indian girls who have the most fascinating stalker/gross food/ sex stories I have ever heard! They are so funny! I'll share the stories I've heard from them with anyone who I happen to see wandering my way if you wish to chat!
Current Mood: Content & Relaxed.
Current Music: Vermilion Part 2 by Slipknot

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January 31st, 2006

11:20 am - Love and Marriage...
So lately I've had these dreams...a series of dreams actually over a 3 day span. I'll summarize them for you briefly.

Dream I: I don't remember this one, I told Dan about it...so I'm going to make a guess and say that it had something to do with marriage directly. I think Dan might have actually asked me in this one...

Dream II: Okay in this one, "Will you marry me?" was written on a gift bag. Yes, a gift bag. And I remember a car full of people waiting outside my house in my driveway for me to celebrate. But, I kept forgetting things and I never got outside and it kept getting later and later, and I just couldn't get out there because i never got "ready".

Dream III:In this one, I was standing up in someone elses wedding. I was wearing a pink and white dress. And cinderella kept being mentioned at first. And then I realized I was at Sarah and Dan's wedding. So, in my pink pretty dress I went to stand up with the best man and some usher said, "No, your not the maid of honor, go stand with the other brides maids"...and so i walked over. I felt really sad. Then they went to go take a group photo. And I remember not having time to take off my glasses for the picture (because i always take my glasses off for pictures), and the photographer wouldn't retake the picture.

So those are my dreams, any interpretations?
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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January 30th, 2006

04:59 pm - Always on the run!
I had quite a few dreams, but from the ones I remember... I made sure to write down immediately.

I: I had a dream that I was back at COD taking classes and wandering the hallways. Seemed like the setting was more arid and dry, like a plain in Texas with some rocky hills etc... Anywho, jack_sparrow712 wanted me to give her a ride elsewhere in my truck so I agreed. Jenny also wished to come along as well and seemed very low-key and uninterested. In truth, I soon discovered that jack_sparrow712 was trying to avoid her particular weird friends who were always hovering around her. She just wanted to escape from her peers and go elsewhere. As we walked to my truck, almost horizontally you could see her weird pals matching our speed and trying to get her attention.

II: I also dreamt that I had (Apparently) a ton of cash in my wallet, and everyone wanted the cash! Again the arid, dry setting. So in this dream, I was always on the run - from my really good companions. (Although I could not even recognize some of them!) When I took a small breather at a pawn shop to sell more things and acquire more cash. They were all around me, I was surrounded and had no where to escape. They all aimed guns and snickered with their cynical attitudes. Fortunately in my possession I had a small black mitten which in disguise was really a small revolver pistol (Don't ask me how this is!) Just as I was about to use this mitten against my cackling comrades, pointing my finger and thumb out in a gun-shaped-fashion, I awoke!
Current Mood: Staying on task...
Current Music: Samael

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